MacLellan Law Firm is a Boston based litigation firm with deep roots in the community.

Ms. MacLellan grew up in Dorchester not far from her office at Ashmont Station, in Dorchester, MA.

Ms. MacLellan practices locally, in Dorchester and Quincy courts

She also spends a significant amount of time in Superior Court and Federal Court. Ms. MacLellan takes several cases a year to trial and is a tenacious litigator with an excellent success rate.

Wrongful Death

If someone you love passed away because of the negligence or reckless behavior of a person or company, we can help you recover both compensatory and possibly punitive damages, which can equal as much as three times the original amount of the jury award.  

Personal Injury

If you have been injured as a result of someone’s negligence, we can fight for compensation for your injuries, lost wages, permanent or temporary disability.

Employment Discrimination

While Massachusetts is an at will employment state, which means that an employer can terminate someone for almost any reason or no reason at all, it is illegal for an employer to terminate or take other adverse employment actions.

OUI/DUI/Drunk Driving

If you have been arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle while Under the Influence (OUI), commonly known as Drunk Driving, or DUI, your license and possibly your freedom are on the line.

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